P.S.G. main field of activities are focused on Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries, Pipelines and Relevant Plants such as Utilities, Waste Water Treatment and Environment Plants or Facilities. some E.P.C. Projects have been done by P.S.G. and its Joint Venture, or sister companies.

1. Consulting Services

2. Feasibility Studyconst1

3. Projects Supervision

4. Contracts Management (M.C.)

5. Design and Engineering Services:

     5.1. Basic Engineering

     5.2. Detail Engineering

     5.3. Front End Engineering Design (F.E.E.D.)

6. Preparing instructions and procedures for pre-commissioning commissioning, start up, operation and preventive maintenance.

7. Preparing consortium of different companies for a bigger project.

8. Preparing international tender document.

9- Environmental Projects, Energy Saving Projects.

10- Training